Prime Capital Enterprise with its many years of experience in the automotive sales and management, is committed in providing convenient and stylish car showroom locations. It provides an integrated trading platform for the sale of used car dealer and exhibition showcase.

The development of auto malls and exhibition centers has brought the automobile sales industry into a new era. The company has divided the “Kowloon Bay Integrated Auto Mall” into different parking locations and regions to lease to various types of large and small dealers. Meanwhile, the company is also responsible for site operation, management and promotion in order to reduce the operating costs of the business; As a result, buyers will enjoy the convenience of shopping at various car dealers at once and not have to travel to various places to shop for their ideal vehicle.

As an intermediary between dealers and consumers, the company keep pace with market demand and dedication to both sides, in providing the most superior trading platform and corresponding facilities, such as restaurants, tuck shops, car museum, car accessories and boutique shops, in which consumers buy a car in a hassle free environment.

In addition, the company regularly organizes various promotional activities to attract consumers and increase the visibility of the sales exhibition.

To ensure that the overall image of the exhibition venue, the company has improved its proposition towards complaints, but also through different channels to monitor a company’s marketing major, to avoid customer fraud or dishonest cases.

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